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Huawei reaffirms long-term commitment to Latin America

Latin America is an increasingly strategic region for the telecommunications industry, said Michael Xue, Huawei’s Vice President for the region, while participating in the Latam ITC Congress, which takes place this week in Cancun, Mexico.

“The entire region is undergoing a strong process of digital transformation, which makes it the most dynamic area in the world today. For that reason, it is highly relevant that we are here,” he said, noting that the growth of the digital age will drive all sectors of the economy.

According to the executive, each 20% growth in the ICT sector represents an additional percentage point in the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Xue also highlighted Huawei’s commitment to the region, where it has been present since 1998.

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Such a commitment translates into over 1,100 partners and around 100,000 jobs – direct and indirect – created in the region, around 50,000 of which are ICT talent, extending beyond the company’s participation in market growth. “We have a long-term social commitment to the region, with the construction of a greener and more connected society,” he concluded. (* – This coverage is sponsored by Huawei)


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