Opportunity promises to abide by agreement with Telecom Italia

Opportunity says Telecom Italia?s return to Brasil Telecom is guaranteed whether BrT obtains PCS licenses or not. According to the investment bank, they have a ?gentleman?s agreement? that BrT won?t compete with Telecom Italia Mobile. However, Opportunity hasn?t yet explained how it can get around the legal ban on holding two licenses for the same service in a given area. Anatel won?t allow BrT to operate a mobile service if Telecom Italia reclaims a major share in its equity, because TIM already has a license to do so nationwide. A possible solution would be for BrT to acquire a PCS license as part of a consortium in which it held less than 20%. Board meetings at Brasil Telecom Participações and Brasil Telecom S.A. were expected to decide this week whether to bid for PCS leftovers in the upcoming auction. Inside sources say BrT is interested in acquiring licenses for São Paulo as well as the region it covers as an ILEC. The pension funds that also control BrT have expressed opposition, saying they prefer an alliance with TIM.


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