Creditors refuse to reschedule Eletronet?s debt
sexta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2003 , 15h20 | POR REDAÇÃO

There?s no sign of a solution to Eletronet?s problems in the near term, according to network equipment suppliers. The company filed for bankruptcy in March. The receiver, Isaak Zveiter, proposed rescheduling the debt for 15 years but the largest creditors Furukawa and Lucent, refused. Together these two suppliers account for 80% of Eletronet?s debt, estimated at about 500 million Brazilian Reals (now 172m US Dollars). A spokesman for Mr Zveiter says negotiations are still under way and the creditors are expected to stake out their position within the next few weeks.
Both Mr Zveiter and the suppliers say they only found out from the media about the possibility that state-owned enterprises including Petrobras may continue to make use of Eletronet. This information was released Tuesday, September 9, by Communications Minister Miro Teixeira.


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