TCO has 3 million customers

According to CEO Mário César Araújo, TCO?s customer base passed the 3 million mark on Wednesday, December 18. The overwhelming majority are prepaid. TCO has only 825,000 postpaid subscribers. Announcing the third-quarter earnings report and forecasts for the last quarter, Mr Araújo said the numbers won?t be adversely affected by the entry of Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM). Sales of lines and handsets rose 15% year over year in the quarter. ?This year?s holiday season will be fantastic for wireless sales,? he said. ?I expect our performance to be the best in Brazil.? Competition is particularly steep in the North, where there are four players. ?Oi has adopted a more aggressive strategy than TIM in the region and that?s what dictates the pace of competition,? he said. ?To compete in the North you have to invest in coverage of a vast interior territory. Oi has an advantage from that point of view because of Telemar?s very large and granular fixed-line network.?


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