Regulatory framework will be kept, guarantees Miro Teixeira
sexta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2003 , 15h24 | POR REDAÇÃO

The Government is reviewing the role and power of the various regulatory agencies with the prime purpose of fostering competition but has no intention of ditching the overall regulatory framework, guaranteed Communications Minister Miro Teixeira Tuesday, September 9, at a seminar on Telecommunications: Competition & Policies held in São Paulo by TELETIME and PAY-TV magazines.
No changes need to be made in the case of Anatel, Mr Teixeira promised. Asked whether management contracts and targeting will be introduced for Anatel?s board, he said this is one of the issues under discussion but no decisions have been made. He expressed the opinion that tighter deadlines should be introduced for Anatel to reach decisions on administrative procedures and complaints.
Parliamentary front
At the end of August over 100 members of Congress joined a movement calling itself the Parliamentary Front on Regulatory Agencies, to engage in talks with the Government and regulators on ways of reformulating and enhancing the regulatory framework. Presidential Chief of Staff José Dirceu promised they would be consulted before the Government sends Congress any legislative proposals. This week Mr Dirceu told Folha de S. Paulo that a ?new model? of regulation will be announced in a matter of days but it won?t propose radical changes. Heads of regulatory agencies will be informed in advance, he said.


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