No date set for certification of Brasil Telecom
sexta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2003 , 21h54 | POR REDAÇÃO

Edmundo Matarazzo, Anatel?s head of universalization, says the regulator is nearing completion of field verification of the reports submitted by Brasil Telecom on fulfillment of its 2003 universal access and quality of service targets as an incumbent local exchange carrier but no date can be specified for certification. Anatel?s inspectors and auditors are visiting more than 1,000 localities covered by BrT and some reports are still unverified, he says. Nothing has yet been found to support Embratel?s accusations that BrT missed several targets. ?During the public consultation phase, Embratel submitted a list of some 1,500 localities where it claimed there were problems,? he explained. ?Then Embratel filed an formal challenge listing some 600 localities. Finally it initiated legal action specifying only 100. As far as the lawsuit is concerned, a large sum of money is at stake and if BrT proves everything is in order, I believe they will then sue Embratel. Because Embratel didn?t risk listing for the court the 1,500 localities it complained about in the public consultation, I imagine it wasn?t too sure of what it was saying.? The localities Anatel is inspecting include the 100 listed by Embratel in the court case, as well as several others chosen at random from the larger list, he says.


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