Previ threatens to sue BrT executives for ?attack? on shareholders
sexta-feira, 05 de setembro de 2003 , 14h32 | POR REDAÇÃO

Previ, Banco do Brasil?s pension fund, has accused Brasil Telecom (BrT) of ?unjustified, abusive and bizarre? behavior in paying several newspapers to publish an advertorial criticizing relations between pension funds and the media. ?It is wrong for management to use company monies to attack its own shareholders, who have expressed opinions and defended the viewpoints they deem appropriate in legitimate forums,? says a press release issued on Thursday, August 28. Previ says it will sue BrT?s executives for the move. Previ, Petros and Telos are all shareholders in BrT, which is controlled by Opportunity.
BrT?s advertorial alludes to the minutes of a meeting at which the board of Previ decided to retain a media relations firm to handle communication on legal disputes. In its press release Previ says that ?even taken out of context the document merely proves that a PR firm was retained to advise the organization. This is a perfectly normal and usual practice. Insinuating that it is designed to ?manipulate? the media and by extension the courts is illogical and offensive not only to the funds but also to the media and the Judiciary itself.?


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