More than 100 members of Congress join ?front? for changes in regulatory framework
sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2003 , 16h00 | POR REDAÇÃO

A movement called the Parliamentary Front for Regulatory Agencies, founded by Deputy Ricardo Barros (PP, Pará) and Senator José Jorge (PFL, Pernambuco), has so far been joined by more than 100 members of the lower house. According to the founders, the purpose of the Front is to intermediate moves to reformulate the regulatory framework between the Government and existing agencies. Both opposition members and government supporters from all parties have joined, they claim.
Dep. Barros says the idea isn?t to defend the status quo because the Front doesn?t want to exclude members of Congress who believe the existing model is flawed and can contribute to the debate.
The Front?s inaugural meeting was attended by Maria Augusta Feldmann, chair of the National Association of Regulatory Agencies; Luiz Guilherme Schymura, director-general of Anatel; Gustavo Dahl, head of Ancine; and representatives of ANP (oil), ANEEL (electricity), ANA (water), and ANS (health). Pedro Jaime Ziller, head of the Communications Ministry?s department of telecommunications, represented Minister Miro Teixeira.
Government promise
During the meeting Dep. Barros said the Government has promised to take the Front?s views into consideration before finalizing a presidential message to Congress with a bill to reform the regulatory framework. The promise was given Tuesday, August 26, by Presidential Chief of Staff José Dirceu, he said. Mr Dirceu also promised not to send the bill to Congress without first consulting top managers of all the regulatory agencies.
Dep. Alberto Goldman (PSDB, São Paulo) expressed delight at the Government?s change of attitude. ?It seems they?ve decided to stop blustering and threatening and are prepared to sit down for some serious discussion,? he said.


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