Embratel aims to be regional carrier in Latin America
sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2003 , 15h59 | POR REDAÇÃO

Embratel is working on a strategy to become a regional carrier for Latin America, according to CEO Jorge Rodriguez, speaking at a meeting with equity analysts in Rio de Janeiro Tuesday, August 26. It already has licenses to operate in Argentina and Chile. Acquisition of AT&T Latin America could reinforce the strategy. Embratel is analyzing the possibility of a deal, ?but we?re also looking at several other assets,? Mr Rodriguez said.


Shamin Khan, VP of Embratel for strategic planning and development, also at the meeting with analysts, denied that Embratel is owed money by Vesper. ?We sold services to Vesper for around 4 million Brazilian Reals per month and they never got behind with payments,? he said, responding to doubts raised by a report in TELETIME News saying Embratel would forgive an alleged debt on acquiring Vesper.
In other comments on the acquisition of Vesper, Jorge Rodriguez said the transaction is expected to double the number of Embratel?s corporate customers for local service, currently amounting to 1,200. Among the benefits of the deal, he added, is that it will link Vesper?s limited-mobility 1xRTT and 1xEV-DO networks with Embratel?s solutions for the corporate market.


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