Claro aims to sign up half a million customers in São Paulo by end-2003
quinta-feira, 21 de agosto de 2003 , 18h18 | POR REDAÇÃO

Carlos Henrique Moreira, president of Telecom Americas, has an ambitious goal for Claro, which begins operating a new GSM network in metropolitan São Paulo on October 1: he aims to sign up half a million subscribers by the end of this year. Expansion is feasible in São Paulo because of relatively low wireless penetration in this market, he says: only 27%, compared with 38% for Rio de Janeiro and 32% for Rio Grande do Sul, even though São Paulo is a bigger market and has more purchasing power. Claro also aims to win custom with excellence in service. ?We want to be a new alternative, not just a fourth player,? he says, hinting at a strategy of poaching customers from the competition.


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