August 31 thru September 2, 2021

A 100% digital event


Get ready for Brazil’s most important event dedicated to satellite services, applications and technologies. In 2021, we bring you a digital event with a lot more content and interaction.

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 (31 de agosto)

9:00 am – 10:30 am | Panel 1 – New Technological Frontiers
Satellite systems and platforms are continuously evolving and innovating, and new alternatives in Software Defined Satellites, small satellites and the combined use of satellites with cloud-based platforms promise to revolutionize the market.

Michel Azibert (Deputy CEO, Eutelsat)
Neliton Vasconcelos (SVP Satellites, SES)
Carmel Ortiz (VP System Innovation, Intelsat)
Nick Chilelli (Senior VP Space Segment, ABS)

10:45 am – 11:15 am | Keynote Session – Space Constellation (and Debris) Management
With the increasing development of new dedicated satellite systems and orbits, satellite management and risks related to space debris also increase and demand more attention.

Erika Rossetto (Space Data Association)

11:30 am - 12:30 am | Workshop - Viasat - Viasat and its mission to connect the world
Rafael Vaz (Diretor de Operações de Clientes, Viasat)
12:30 - 13:30 | Workshop - Communication services to security and defense
Fabio Alencar (Vice President, Corporate Development, Latin America, SES)
Marcos Coseglio (Senior Manager – Global Government Sales – Latin América, SES)

Samuel Possebon (Teletime)

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm | Panel 2 – Satellite Use and Applications in Agribusiness
Connectivity in rural areas is a serious gap that needs to be addressed in Brazil, and satellites have an important role to play. How do users and integrators see these opportunities?

Daniel Trento (Innovation Coordinator, Ministry of Agriculture)
Coronel Marsiglia (Confederação Nacional da Agricultura / National Agriculture Association)
Gianluca Redolfi (CCO – chief commercial officer)
Tobias Dezordi  (Regional VP Latin America, Gilat)
Marta Pudwell Almeida (pesquisadora, PUC/RJ)

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm | Panel 3 – Satellites in the Expansion of Broadband
In the last few years, satellites have proved to be a viable connectivity alternative in Brazil by servicing areas with lower densities and poor land infrastructure. How do commercial services assess this scenario? What are the public policies that can benefit from satellite connectivity?

Tiago Melo (Abrint Board Member)
Rodrigo Cavalieri de Souza (Diretor de marketing, Hughes)
Bruno Henriques (Strategic and Product Director, Viasat)
Alvaro Sanchez (CEO, Integrasys)


(01 de setembro)

9:00 am – 10:30 am | Panel 4 – Political and Regulatory Agenda
This session hosts a debate with the satellite sector, Brazil’s Ministry of Communications, and the Brazilian Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, Anatel, about key issues related to regulatory measures and public policies planned for the sector.

Moisés Moreira (Anatel Board Member)
Luiz Otávio Prates (President, SindiSat)

11:30 - 12:30 | Workshop - Telesat Lightspeed: desenvolvimento e testes na América Latina
Panel discussion with users addressing the tests carried out for distinct verticals and the potential benefits in applications that will use the resources of Telesat Lightspeed LEO network.

Romildo Lucas (Sales director, Telesat)
Yuri Acosta (Regional Business Development Manager - Satellite Business Unit, Telefonica Global Solutions)
Fabio Ferreira (Specialist in Transport Networks, TIM Brasil)
Maximillian Vieira (Consultant, Petrobras)

Carla Pieroni (Business Manager, Telesat)

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm | Panel 5 – The Market with 5G: The role of satellites
In order to expand infrastructure and ensure the 5G tender requirements are met, whether in servicing remote areas and highways or meeting the 5G network construction goals for urban centers, satellite solutions will be at the core of discussions.

Jiby Jacob Thayyil (senior product manager, Telesat Lightspeed)
Carlos Alberto Camardella (Telecom Consultant, Claro)
Luiz Fábio Ferreira (backhaul manager, TIM)

4:30 pm – 6:00 pm | Panel 6 – The Market with 5G: Next stages
A key part of the 5G tender consists of a delicate spectrum clean-up process that requires coordination among corporate users and satellite-capacity providers. What will this process look like? What challenges will be faced?

Marcos Vinícius Cruz (Anatel)
Fábio Alencar (President, Abrasat)
Gunnar Bedicks (director, EAD/TV Perfeita)
Luis Otávio Marchezetti (Technology VP, Sky)


(02 de setembro)

9:00 am – 11:00 am | Panel 7 – Satellite Companies Perspective
This traditional panel brings together key leaders from key satellite companies doing business in Brazil to analyze the economic scenario, market, investment needs, new developments of products and technologies, impacts of the pandemic and many other topics.

Lluc Palerm (Principal Analyst, NSR)

Rodrigo Campos (General directos, Eutelsat Brasil)
Mauro Wajnberg (General Manager, Telesat Brasil)
Jurandir Pitsch (VP SalesLatin America, SES)
Márcio Brasil (General Manager, Intelsat)
Clóvis Baptista (Chairman, Hispamar)
Gustavo Silbert (executive director, Embratel StarOne)
Estevão Ghizoni (Managing Director Americas, ABS)
Leandro Gaunszer (Managing Director, Viasat Brasil)

11:30 - 12:30 | Workshop - Casos de sucesso no uso de satélites - Do IoT à banda larga
Fernando Muhe (Diretor Técnico, Autotrac)
Adriano Chagas (Diretor Técnico, Via Direta)
Daniela Albernaz (Diretor Técnico, Telespazio)
Antonio Iannelli (Embratel Star One)

Guilherme Saraiva (Diretor de Vendas, Embratel Star One)

12:30 - 13:30 | Workshop - SES - O3b mPOWER - A New Era of connectivity
Diego Paldao, (Senior Manager, O3b mPOWER)
Tashunka Jansen (Senior Specialist Sales, O3b mPOWER)

Samuel Possebon (Teletime)

14:00 - 16:00 | Painel 8 - A evolução na oferta de serviços
The satellite industry is transforming itself, and solutions today include complete packages with dedicated added-value services and applications to specific markets. In addition, the expansion of high throughput GEO satellite bases and new LEO and MEO constellations have changed the options offered on the menu.

Christophe Bauer (Global sales director, Astranis)
Sergy Mummert (VP Global Cloud & Strategic Partnerships, SES)
Assaf Cohen (COO, Spacebridge)
Guillermo Bosch (SVP e General Manager Americas, SatADSL)
Nathan Robinson (director of sales, Kepler Communications)

16:30 - 18:00 | Painel 9 - TVRO 2.0: como será o mercado de TV via satélite
The satellite-TV market will go through a real revolution with the migration of major TV broadcasters to the digital Ku band. What kinds of market opportunities and new services such as streaming and OTT content will this bring? How are broadcasters and satellite companies preparing themselves?

Ana Eliza Faria e Silva (Senior regulatory manager, Globo)
Carlos Cauvilla (Technology director, SBT)
Sérgio Chaves (Business development, Hispamar)
Rodrigo Campos (General director, Eutelsat Brasil)
Cláudio Zylberman (Technology Director, Claro)
Otávio Caixeta (regulation director, Ministério da Comunicações)

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