Embratel also files complaint against Brasil Telecom on alleged control of Vant

Embratel confirmed Friday, August 23, that it has filed a complaint with Anatel against Brasil Telecom, alleging what it called strong evidence that the LEC exercises de facto control of Vant, a provider of corporate voice and data services. The incumbent long-distance carrier wouldn?t disclose details of the complaint but it?s assumed to be couched in terms similar to those used by GVT. Both the CLEC and Embratel suspect BrT of having more influence over Vant than merely owning 19.9%, as allowed by law. BrT cannot control the equity or management of other companies until it fulfils its regulatory targets. Anatel initiated administrative proceedings against BrT as soon as it received GVT?s complaint.


Brasil Telecom acquired a 19.9% stake in Vant from AES early this year, together with an option to buy the remaining 81.1%. Vant?s network has points of presence in several states and will extend BrT?s geographic coverage when Anatel gives permission to use it. BrT has been injecting capital into the corporate NSP since acquisition to increase coverage and offer new services.

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