Communications minister moves to guarantee stability of Anatel after election

Communications Minister Juarez Quadros has already nominated José Leite for another five-year term on Anatel?s board even though his current term doesn?t expire until November 4. Appointments to Anatel are made by the President of Brazil. President Fernando Henrique Cardoso is due to end his second four-year term this year. His successor will be elected before November 4. The best interpretation for the minister?s move, therefore, is that he and President Cardoso want to guarantee the stability of Anatel, with at least three board members dating from the period prior to the privatization of Telebrás. Mr Quadros told TELETIME News he has expedited reappointment to preempt possible disputes ? a likely development if left until closer to the elections. José Leite is the best man for the job, he said, and a dispute wouldn?t be good for Anatel. He told journalists over lunch two months ago that he wanted Mr Leite to remain on Anatel?s board. Mr Leite was asked if he would accept. ?I also consulted the president, who agreed with the idea,? Mr Quadros said.
Juarez Quadros said there was no truth in recent rumors of disagreements between him and Luiz Guilherme Schymura, director-general of Anatel. He said he has merely been assisting Mr Schymura with guidance on certain procedures. ?He?s new to the job after all," Mr Quadros explained. ?What I?ve done is tell Schymura that decisions must be taken together by the board. I can see he agrees with my directions.? Mr Schymura had been advised of his decision about José Leite and expressed satisfaction with the prospect of continuing to work with a competent and serious colleague.

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A few weeks ago President Cardoso interviewed another Anatel board member, Luís Tito Cerasoli, to find out if there was any foundation for rumors of his resignation. Mr Cerasoli told him there wasn?t, promising to stay on until his term expires in 2004.


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