Intelig wants equality of treatment with LECs

Intelig?s executives are aware they won?t be able to begin negotiating interconnect rates until Anatel awards a local license. However, they promise to lodge an unfair-trading complaint with Anatel if the LECs turn out to have agreed long-distance rates among themselves before receiving the appropriate licenses. Embratel takes the same line, according to its vice president for local services, Purificación Carpinteyro. A major difference in the timing of negotiations on interconnect rates and new service launches will be taken as a sign of unfair practice, says Alain Rivière, Intelig?s director for regulatory affairs. In other words, if the LECs launch long-distance services long before Embratel and Intelig offer local services, this could be construed as evidence that the LECs negotiated agreements without waiting for the respective licenses to be issued.


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