Qualcomm enters bidding to ?guarantee future of CDMA in Brazil?

Marco Aurélio Rodrigues, president of Qualcomm Brazil, says the company submitted bids for PCS leftovers via Vésper SMP S.A. and Brasaville. Vésper is a subsidiary of Qualcomm. Qualcomm?s main interest in bidding is to ?guarantee the future of CDMA in Brazil?, he says, especially if, as expected, the wireless industry consolidates rapidly after the auction. Seasoned observers say by acquiring the right to use its CDMA network in the 1900 MHz band on a secondary basis, Vésper will complement the CDMA networks of Telesp Celular, a subsidiary of Portugal Telecom, and Telefonica. The Portuguese and Spaniards have a joint venture in wireless. Thus the CDMA platform will extend throughout Brazil once consolidation takes place. Marco Aurélio Rodrigues won?t say whether Qualcomm is bidding in partnership with others. Brasaville has nothing to do with GVT, he avers. It?s no secret that Vésper and Qualcomm approached GVT with a proposal to bid as a consortium in the PCS auction. GVT also denies playing any part in the auction, however, while admitting that it continues to keep a close watch on the process and could enter into a partnership once the winners emerge.


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