Telesp Celular ready to migrate to PCS

Gilson Rondinelli, recently appointed CEO of Telesp Celular, says his company is ready to migrate to PCS as soon as Anatel issues new rules for the procedure. He expects that to happen in less than two weeks. There?s no such thing as a crisis in the telecoms industry, according to Carlos Vasconcelos, former vice president and now returning to Portugal to sit on the executive committee of Portugal Telecom, Telesp Celular?s parent company. Some telcos are in crisis though, he acknowledges. And their difficulties will spread throughout the industry if they?re prevented from guaranteeing an adequate return on investment. That in turn requires a level playing-field for equipment vendors, operators and consumers. Mr Vasconcelos said Anatel?s new boss has ?the right spirit? in terms of a ?willingness to understand the aspirations of the various players?. This may be enough to ensure migration to PCS of the three key groups.


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