Anatel tells Vésper to cease operating ?portable? service

Sources in Anatel say the regulator has told Vésper to cease immediately selling ?Vésper Portátil? handsets and alter the software so that they can?t hand off calls when users are moving between base stations. As a CLEC, Vésper is licensed only to deliver fixed-line service with mobility restricted to the user?s premises. An Anatel source says subscribers will protest vehemently when the service is suspended. ?Then it will be a matter of seeking redress under the consumer protection code,? says the source. Vésper is under investigation by Anatel and could be penalized for violating the terms of its license, especially if it ignores the cease-and-desist order.


On Monday, July 29, Telemig Celular and Amazônia Celular won an injunction from the 2nd Civil Court of Rio de Janeiro banning the sale of Vésper Portátil handsets in Region 1 (16 states in the North, Northeast and Southeast). Non-compliance with the order is punishable with a fine of 500,000 Brazilian Reals per day.

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