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Anatel publishes rules on PCS quality indicators
quinta-feira, 24 de abril de 2003 , 15h20 | POR REDAÇÃO

Jarbas Valente, Anatel?s head of private services, announced Tuesday, April 22, the rules on PCS quality indicators and said they would be published in the Federal Register (Diário Oficial da União) on Thursday, April 24. The public consultation was held a year ago. The rules include definitions, an explanation of the methodology, and other details such as the frequency of data collection and how each of the 12 sets of data are to be consolidated and delivered to Anatel.
All data produced by PCS providers must be certified by an accredited certification organization (Portuguese-language acronym OCC). The cost of complying with the rules must be borne by each provider. The first report must be delivered 120 days after publication of the rules, followed by regular monthly reports thereafter. Data on localities where service delivery began more than 180 days previously must be included in the indicators.
Primary data must be delivered to Anatel by the tenth day of the month subsequent to collection. Anatel may request a detailed breakdown of indicators or oversee data collection at any time. According to Jarbas Valente, oversight may consist of accompanying collection and consolidation of data, auditing, surveys of users, and self-administered user assessment based on a tool developed for this purpose by CPqD.
Anatel will post all the reports on its Web site via its system for managing quality indicators. It will also display other information on PCS providers, such as the number of lines in operation, localities covered, and telephone density by area.
The rules stipulate that whenever a PCS provider fails to meet regulatory targets it must submit a specific report diagnosing the failures and saying what steps have been taken to correct them. Providers must keep primary data on file for 30 months.


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