Telecom Italia attempts to recoup stake in Brasil Telecom
sexta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2003 , 15h20 | POR REDAÇÃO

Telecom Italia has applied to Anatel for permission to buy back the equity holding in Brasil Telecom (BrT) sold some time ago to Opportunity, said Luiz Guilherme Schymura, director-general of Anatel, at a seminar on Telecommunications: Competition & Policies in São Paulo promoted by TELETIME and organized by Converge Eventos on Tuesday, September 9. The application is being examined by technical staff, he said. There are complications because BrT has announced a plan to launch wireless operations and Telecom Italia already operates its own wireless service in the incumbent?s region. ?We must analyze every detail because shareholders who control an incumbent cannot control two cellular operations. But even before we examine that issue we will complete our audit of Brasil Telecom?s compliance with fixed-line targets. The audit will be completed in October,? he said.
Telecom Italia left Brasil Telecom last year because the incumbent opted not to invest in early fulfillment of its regulatory targets, a precondition for entry into the wireless segment. Telecom Italia thereafter launched its own wireless service. Once Anatel certifies BrT?s compliance, Telecom Italia can return, but certification could take another couple of months.


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