Tariffs investigation
Congressional probe expected to begin hearings in August
sexta-feira, 11 de julho de 2003 , 10h25 | POR REDAÇÃO

Deputy Daniel Almeida (PC do B, Bahia) expects Congress to set up a committee of inquiry in August to investigate the terms of the licenses granted by Anatel to the incumbent local exchange carriers. Dep. Almeida, who submitted a motion requesting the probe on Wednesday, July 9, says Speaker João Paulo Cunha was ?impressed? by the fact that 252 signatures had been collected in only a week.
The motion will follow the usual ritual for now, but when party leaders hold their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 15, Dep. Almeida says he will propose the inquiry be given priority. According to Speaker Cunha, this is the seventh motion for a committee of inquiry he?s received this year: four have so far been installed and only one more would be allowed by the rules of Congress.
If the party leaders agree to give the motion priority, hearings could begin in August. Alternatively, an inquiry into relations between the ILECs and Anatel could begin when two ongoing committees finish their work, as scheduled for later this month, Speaker Cunha says.


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