Communications Minister Miro Teixeira strengthened
sexta-feira, 13 de junho de 2003 , 12h20 | POR REDAÇÃO

A source close to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva told TELETIME News on Wednesday, June 11, that ?there is no doubt whatever Miro Teixeira will stay on as communications minister even if he joins a different party?. Mr Teixeira is a long-time member of the Democratic Labor Party (PDT), led by Leonel Brizola, a rival leader also based in Rio de Janeiro.
Lula and Finance Minister Antonio Palocci were impressed by Miro Teixeira?s negotiating skills at last week?s difficult meeting with representatives of local telephone companies. They particularly approved of his getting the telcos to take full responsibility for raising tariffs in line with annual inflation according to the IGP-DI index. They agreed under pressure not to do so and are now working on a staggered increase together with Mr Teixeira. ?It was interesting to note that Palocci and Miro left by the front door together, whereas the telco executives went out by a side entrance to avoid being asked by reporters about their absurd demand to index tariffs to past inflation,? said the source.
Off to PMDB
Miro Teixeira is widely expected to leave the PDT for the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), which has recently joined the ruling coalition headed by the Lula?s Workers Party (PT). Mr Teixeira has never gotten along well with Wellington Moreira Franco, PMDB leader in Rio de Janeiro, but they will probably make it up.
There?s no room for Miro in the PT, which in Rio de Janeiro is split into various warring factions. Presidential Chief of Staff José Dirceu has promised the PMDB his ministry won?t be deducted from the party?s ?quota? of top jobs in Brasília.


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