New rules
Portability to be implemented only after study by Anatel
sexta-feira, 30 de Maio de 2003 , 00h49 | POR REDAÇÃO

Pedro Jaime Ziller, head of telecommunications at the Communications Ministry, met Friday, May 23, with the head of economic policy at the Finance Ministry, Marcos Lisboa, and the economic law secretary of the Justice Ministry, Daniel Goldberg, for talks about the impact on telcos of the Government?s new telecoms policy.
Pedro Jaime Ziller said the decree announcing the policy will be redrafted to clarify the issues to which local telephone companies object. The document will emphasize that the telcos? rights to ?economic and financial equilibrium? are guaranteed, for example.
The Communications Ministry will insert guarantees that portability will be implemented only after Anatel has completed a technical and financial feasibility study determining the conditions for implementation.
The decree will also underscore the ministry?s determination to ?orient and supervise Anatel? in enforcing the policy, according to Mr Ziller.
Another change will be the removal of a reference in article 8 to the Communications Ministry?s role as issuer of rules governing obligatory disclosure by Anatel while analyzing mergers, acquisitions and changes of ownership.
Contradicting statements by the Communications Ministry?s press office, Pedro Jaime Ziller said he has indeed received Telefonica?s contribution. At 6.20 p.m. on Thursday, May 22, the press office said Telefonica?s letter had been forwarded to the Presidential Chief of Staff.


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