Sale of AT&T Latin America could be completed by end June
sexta-feira, 23 de Maio de 2003 , 00h05 | POR REDAÇÃO

The list of 15 prospective buyers for AT&T Latin America (ATTL) has shrunk to only four, according to reliable sources: Embratel, Atrium Telecom, Comsat, and Telefonica Data. The others were all banks.
ATTL?s creditors are now talking to the candidates and preparing to make a choice. The process should be completed by the end of June. Creditors value ATTL at around 200 million US Dollars, sources say.
The four companies mentioned are all considered strategically appropriate. Like ATTL, Atrium, Comsat and Telefonica Data are exclusively corporate service providers, and Embratel is strong in the segment.
ATTL has 1,300 clients in Brazil but sees the prospect of growth to 14,000. Atrium has 2,000 clients with the potential to reach 6,000. ATTL has a network and Atrium doesn?t, providing for the perfect synergy if they merged.
Embratel, Comsat and Telefonica have their own infrastructure but want to expand.
As part of ATTL?s restructuring in preparation for the sale, it has already rescheduled debts to two of its three creditor banks. The third is still negotiating. ATTL?s debts total 50 million US Dollars in Latin America, with Brazil accounting for half.
It also owes 833m USD to its parent company, 170m USD to suppliers, and 35m USD to banks outside the region, making a grand total of 1.038bn USD.


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