Terra plans to enter Wi-Fi market, following iG?s example
sexta-feira, 18 de julho de 2003 , 18h30 | POR REDAÇÃO

Terra, one of the leading ISPs, has followed iG?s example in moving to enter the Wi-Fi market (802.11b protocol) by partnering with Gradiente, an appliance and IT equipment vendor. The first step will be to offer the service at four airports ? two in São Paulo, one in Rio de Janeiro and another in Brasília.
?It will be available only to Terra subscribers as a supplementary service for the time being,? says Paulo Castro, Terra?s strategic planning director. ?Over time we may open it up to other users, depending on demand and the results of this trial stage.?
Gradiente will be responsible for investing in infrastructure, both at the four airports and at future hotspots and Wi-Fi zones around Brazil.
Mr Castro declined to describe the business model in detail but said two points have been defined. Terra will pay Gradiente for use of the company?s Wi-Fi network and will offer a prepaid service, also with revenue going to Gradiente. Future hotspots will have wireless cards that users can rent.


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